All funds raised will be paid directly to Wilson Football Tradition Club for supporting football program student-athletes & alumni.

About this campaign

For the past two years, the Wilson Football Tradition Club ran t-shirt fundraisers... and they were a huge success, selling almost 310 tees and raising nearly $1700 for the program! For 2017, we are updating our wildly popular "Title Teams" shirt from a few years back, honoring and celebrating all squads that have added a flag to the Gurski Stadium bleachers.

[Note: Red banners indicate a season with a League title, white banners for District titles. Some years may be shown twice, representing a team that won both titles.]

The Wilson Football Tradition Club consists of football alumni and supporters who seek to assist the WHS Administration, Athletic Department, Coaches, and Parents Organization raise supplemental funding to cover the supplies necessary to operate one of the premier high school football programs in the state of Pennsylvania.

All orders are due by June 23rd, 2017. This is a limited item and no additional shirts are expected to be available for purchase during the season. Buy now! Shirt payment is only accepted online through this website.

Questions? Email Joe Mays at or or see him in person at Mays Sandwich Shop.